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Hello and welcome to Marys River Healing Arts

A warm and nurturing atmosphere awaits you here in our convenient, downtown-Philomath location, with attention paid to every aspect of your comfort and well-being. It is easy to relax in our quiet, cozy, and beautiful treatment rooms and in the hands of knowledgeable, sensitive, and caring staff.  Whether you seek the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine--in the form of acupuncture, herbs and supplements, or nutritional guidance--or of nourishing, therapeutic massage and essential oils, you will find them here at Marys River Healing Arts.

-Gretchen Landis, Owner
LAc, LMT #5151

Our Practitioners

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Gretchen Landis
L.Ac., L.M.T #5151

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Lynette Tutt
L.M.T #16859

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Guy Stores
L.M.T #5481

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